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With Sponsored Session, your brand becomes a gateway to an enhanced streaming experience. Offer your audience the opportunity to unlock 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening in exchange for watching your brand’s video.

Users receive your brand’s Sponsored Session offer only if the app is in view, at the start of mobile sessions. After watching your video message, a clickable display unit appears, inviting further engagement and initiating the 30-minutes of uninterrupted listening.

Mobile, tablet devices.

Buy via direct sale or programmatic technology.

Component 1: "Watch Video" Title Card

Image and Voiceover

Provided by Spotify

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Component 2: Video (Hosted by Spotify)

Dress Casual Selling Selling amp;M amp;M amp;M H Dress H Casual H Selling Length

Maximum 30 seconds

Max File Size

500 MB

Aspect Ratio

9:16 (portrait)
16:9 (landscape)


HD 720x1280 or similar (portrait)
HD 1280x720 or similar (landscape)


RMS normalized to -14 dBFS
Peak normalized to -0.2 dBFS

Additional Requirements
  • No black bars (no letter-boxing, pillar-boxing, or window-boxing)
  • Frame rate should be NTSC or PAL compatible
  • Casual Selling amp;M H Selling amp;M H Dress Casual Selling Dress H amp;M No interlaced videos
  • Video must be submitted without leaders (no slates, countdowns, etc.)
  • All files must include sound - no silent videos will be accepted.

Component 3: Branded End Card (Hosted by Spotify)

Image Dimensions


Max File Size

200 KB

File Type


3rd Party Tracking

Click commands and 1x1 tracking pixels only
All third-party tags and tracking URLs need to be in https format.

Additional requirements
  • Must provide clickthrough URL (only one clickthrough URL can be used)
  • Can click to Spotify URLs and external links.
  • No auto-play external links.

Be sure to share any requests for measurement with your Spotify representative in advance of delivering campaign assets. Your Spotify representative can confirm whether your desired measurement products and/or tracking pixels are supported under our data policy, and can direct you to our officially supported products as needed.Pockets Sleeves Pattern Jacket Long Striped Simple Zippered Men's with g6q1RwFn

We request all creative assets at least 5 working days prior to the start of a campaign, except in extenuating circumstances.

We follow Better Ads Standards for desktop and mobile web ad experiences, as developed by the Coalition for Better Ads.

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Materials 100% Polyester