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  • Security

    You’re the only person with access to your storage unit. The cameras and security access gate cover the rest of our self storage, Loveland, Ohio, location!

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  • 24/7 Access

    Visit anytime. Move anytime. Rent anytime. Access your Loveland storage when it’s most convenient for you!

  • Moving Materials

    Meet all your storage and packing needs with boxes, wraps, and more, sold right at our self storage, Loveland, Ohio, location!

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Infinite Self Storage

Loveland storage tell stories. Maybe buying all that sports memorabilia wasn’t the best idea. Or maybe you just rented your first apartment and need a place to store all those Comic Con figures and posters you bought during the Star Wars craze. Or maybe you just need some extra storage space for those old boxes from your first home. The fact is, you’ve bought a few things you probably regret, or, although you don’t have any space for them, you own a few things you’d rather not get rid of. Whatever your storage needs, our storage units, Loveland, are like a new home, as you begin a new chapter of life.

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24/7 Access

Rent your storage space any time, any day, use whichever payment method is most convenient for you at our 24 hour rental kiosk.

Coded Gate

Only our customers have access to our facilities after business hours. When you store with us, you’ll create a unique code for secure access.

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Flexible Dates

Store your property as long as you need. No yearly or quarterly commitments. Stay as long as you need, leave as soon you want.

Easy Transfer

No advanced notice needed. No transfer fees. If you need more or less space, switch storage units at your convenience.

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No Deposit

That’s right! You heard us correctly! We do not require any of our customers to place a deposit on their storage unit.

Our Mission

As one of the very first self storage brands to upgrade our entire portfolio with technology that provides 24/7 self storage rental, we’ve always focused on improving convenience for our customers. That’s why you’re welcome to Infinite Self Storage any hour of the day, any day of the year. Our mission is to provide professionally clean storage facilities with formidable security and accommodate all storage and moving needs by the effective management of a highly motivated and well-trained staff. Boutique Ann Pullover Taylor LOFT Sweater HBTHwW

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