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Our Doctors

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Anne Lynn S. Chang, MD
Justin M Ko, MD MBA
Sumaira Z. Aasi, MD
Anthony Oro, MD PhD
Hair loss specialist
Jean Y. Tang, MD PhD
General dermatologist

Care and Treatment

Skin Cancer Care for High Risk Patients

Medications that suppress the immune system may increase the odds of developing skin cancer. Learn how the Stanford High-Risk Skin Cancer Clinic helped one patient with advanced prevention and treatments.

How to Prevent Skin Cancer after a Transplant

Some medications required after transplant may increase odds of developing skin cancer. The Stanford High-Risk Skin Cancer Clinic offers advanced prevention, treatments, clinical trials and a tumor board.

For Patients

We want to make your treatment as effective as possible.  If you are a transplant candidate, contact us before your transplant surgery so we can evaluate your post-transplant risk level for skin cancer and prepare a treatment plan in coordination with your transplant team.  Please ask us any questions you have — we want to make you comfortable and prepared.

Call us to make an appointment

For Health Care Professionals

We welcome referrals from other clinics and health care providers and want to assure you that we'll provide your patient with the same level of personal care you give them.


  • Fax a patient referral form with supporting documentation to 650-721-3476.
  • Let us know if your patient is a transplant candidate or has already undergone transplant surgery.
  • A Patient Care Coordinator will fax a confirmation of receipt to your office.
  • We will contact the patient and schedule an evaluation appointment upon insurance clearance.
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